It’s been a few weeks now with my new iPad so I figured it was a good time for a challenge!

I asked around to some photo friends with iPads if downloading Photoshop ($10), or iPhoto ($5) was worth it. They all recommended I get Snapseed instead; a free app which, ironically, was created by Google!

I was very quickly impressed by it’s abilities after I turned an image from bland to popping with a few simple ‘swipes’. So this Easter weekend was the perfect time to take my camera out and edit the photos from it only with Snapseed; here are the results:

Click FS at the bottom right to go Full Screen

[flagallery gid=7 skin=default align=center name=Snapseed]

I will be going more in depth with my thoughts on Snapseed, as well as show some screenshots of how it works, in a few days.

Thanks for having a look

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